Commercial Title Insurance

Commercial Title Insurance

A title insurer is an important person for Lawyers/ Notaries, developers, lenders and other real estate professionals as he can ensure protection to their real estate investments. Assure America Title Insurance Company is one of the leading title insurers which is working for smaller commercial sites to multi-site and cross border transactions.

We can provide 1-day-turn around on all types of title searches (O&E reports). We also help you to obtain cite lien searches at industry fast turn times. Our experts work with investors offering them precise information regarding comparable sales in the neighborhood. We also make them aware of any potential issues associated with any property.

How can you order-

    • Click here purchase a title and lien search online
    • Or call us directly at 1-877-427-9696 and talk to one of our title search professionals
      If you interested in multi-property orders, you can call us directly and you will be benefited with attractive discounts. It is sure that you will find our title search reports quite friendly and easy to understand.
      What do we offer?
    • We are dedicated to protect the financial interest of the owner or lender in real estate property against all sorts of losses due to title defects, liens and other matters.
    • Our insurance will surely provide you defense against any lawsuit which challenges the title as insured, or will help in the reimbursement of the actual monetary loss incurred up to the dollar limits of insurance.
    • All your processes can be streamlined and speed up with our cutting edge technology systems.
    • Our professional experts work with quick and responsive services in title underwriting, closing and recording of all types of transactions be it simple or complicated.

  • We also support with all other types of services like residential and commercial title commitments, foreclosure and quiet title commitments, chain of title, title examination, abstracting, ownership and encumbrance reports (O&E reports_, intervening Lien and Subordination Reports, and Property Reports, Current Owner Searches and 30 years search. This all contributes timely transaction and reduced cost.


Why Assure America Title Insurance Company?

  • Our professional experts understand that every property is different with its own challenges. Thus, we make sure to provide best security, coverage and services.
  • Our team has knowledge and ingenuity to handle complex transactions through specialized approach and risk analysis.
  • We can work successfully with cross border transactions with our special skills earned through experience, responsiveness and dedication.