Florida Title Insurance Rebate

Florida Title Insurance Rebate

Title insurance has become an important component of any real estate transaction. It is used by home buyers and lenders to protect themselves and their property from back taxes, forgeries, fraud and other potential legal and financial problems which arise in purchasing and refinancing a property.

Title insurance is beneficial in every type of deal. If you are buying a home, it will protect your property from unknown title issues. In refinancing, lenders title insurance help in protecting bank loan and when selling a home it is required to present a title policy to a new buyer. Being so much important, it is important for everyone to get title insurance. We, at Assure America Title Insurance Company, help our buyers to with best title services in Florida which ensure efficient transaction, saving you time and money.

During buying and selling of a property, there are different types of fees involved like real estate commissions, attorney fees, taxes for recording the sale and transfer of property. As the economy is in its sluggish condition, it is essential for an educated consumer to seek cut costs in every possible manner. For this, Assure America Title Insurance Company helps you with a Florida title insurance rebate.

The Florida state has allowed us for the title insurance rebate program which proves to be a significant help for the buyers and sellers. So, why to leave hundreds of dollars on the table while making any real estate transaction?

Assure America Title Insurance Company has its services all across the United States with a strong presence in Florida. We also offer you other types of services like:

Short sale processing
Lenders title insurance
Title and lien searches
Settlements for purchase and refinance
Commercial title insurance
Deed preparation
Closing services
Escrow services
1031 exchange