Property Title Search

Property Title Search

What do you mean by property title search?

This is a process of investigation of the history of a particular property. This is done when the property parcel is being transferred to new owner. It is done by viewing and verifying relevant legal records for any variances and irregularities associated with any property.

Getting any data associated with a real estate property is never easy. However, Assure America Title Insurance Company professionals’ work for you to provide title and lien searches. We can also provide you O&E Report, a Homes Transaction History or an Involuntary Lien Search with our access to the huge database of property records in 50 states.

We are in continuous touch with investors throughout the country so that we can be aware of all potential liens associated with any real property.

What you get after a property title search?

After a property title search is conducted successfully, you will get a document stating all the research data regarding any possible liens to be paid off like mortgages, back taxes, mechanic’s liens and other assessments. This document is termed as abstract or an abstract of title. This document precludes the deed and is one of the important processes required by the real estate law in transferring ownership. For approving loan, Mortgage Company also asks for the same document.

What property title search services are offered by Assure America Title Insurance Company?

We provide you the complete abstract of a title which includes:
Deed search
Open mortgage search
Lien and judgment search
Bankruptcy search
Updated tax status of the property

We are committed to offer you low cost services as compared to other local title companies. Most of our searches will be completed within 24 hours.

Assure America Title Insurance Company property title search services provide you a convenient and a fast way to save yourself from buying a shady property.

We will also offer Industry fast title commitments (less than 24 hours)

Residential & Commercial Title Commitments
Foreclosure & Quiet Title Commitments
Chain of Title
Title Examination
Ownership & Encumbrance Reports (O&E Reports)
Intervening Lien and Subordination Reports
Property Reports
Current Owner Searches
30-Year Searches

To avail our services, you have 2-ways to order
1. You can click here purchase Title & Lien Search online and we will send you are simplified report so that it is easy to understand.
2. Call us directly at 1-877-427-9696 and speak with one of our title search professionals.
For Multi-Property orders please call us directly as you will be able to obtain discounts