Short Sale Processing

Short Sale Processing

While you are listing a property or have a listing in your inventory, you may face difficulties dealing with short sales. Here you require professionals who can work hand in hand with the client and the seller mortgage company to ensure quick and successful short sale. Assure America Title Insurance Company have brought for you seasoned attorneys and industry’s best short sale processors and the experienced real estate agents who combined to form a strong network of short sale experts.

We are helping realtors and homeowners by communicating with client and lenders to ensure short sale approval one month earlier than industry average turn times. Our years of expertise help us to understand the process faster so that we can mitigate the issues arising.

Why to choose Assure America Title Insurance Company?

Proprietary short sale software system: we posses our own short sale software system with our proprietary to it. Being created by the industry experts, this system allows us to search any file from anywhere so that we can provide instant updates. It also notifies us for all the required updates so that we can keep ourselves completely informed all the time.

Constant updates: short sales approval requires that you are well informed of all the market and legal updates. Few of our team members are dedicated to constant file updating every day. This helps us to know us the status of our short sale files so that we know how and when to proceed further.

Knowledge and expertise of handling complex issues: short sales are always associated with some sort of problems and issues. However, if you are working with an experienced team, you can easily resolve those issues without causing any delays. We have years of experience in handling issues related to mortgage, real estate and title insurance business. This all assist in closing your short sale as soon as possible.

Transparency: it is very important for a seller to know the status of his short sale processing. Therefore, we believe in 100% transparency and the owner can view his files anytime.
Other benefits: we hold your hand in short sale processing from initiation to closing which includes document fulfillment also. Our team of experienced attorneys can deal with the banks so that you need not waste your time there.

What we do:

  • Preliminary searched are performed to ensure that HUD submitted is accurate.
  • Assistance in collecting all documents required for a successful short sale processing
  • Reviewing documents before submission to ensure they are meeting bank’s requirements.
  • Handle all follow up and provide answers to bank concerns in less than 24 hours.

You can call us today at 877-427-9696 for a live demonstration or can fill our contact form. Our representatives will soon contact you.