Title Escrow Services

Title Escrow Services

Assure America Title Insurance Company is a full service title company which is dedicated to providing exceptional real estate title and escrow services. We have a highly qualified professionals having years of experience in the title industry. We take pride in declaring our standards as being most ethical and professional. We can attribute our growth to a high level of customer service, borrower satisfaction and state of the art technology.

When you indulge in buying, selling and refinancing of a property, you need a dependable and accomplished staff that can assist you with all formalities. With our escrow services, we work as a trusted liaison with the seller, lender, buyer, real estate agents or other service providers.

We always ensure that you end up with smooth and efficient settlement with our reliable and comprehensive service.

Why you need an escrow?

Every buyer, seller, lender and borrower wants an assurance that property and funds do not change until all the instructions in the transaction have been followed. The professional escrow holder will safeguard all the funds and documents concerning with different parties in a transaction until the closing statement. Finally, when all provisions have been compiled with, he/she will disburse the funds or convey title

How does our escrow services work?

Whether you are a buyer, seller, lender or a borrower, you will require escrow instructions to be created, signed and delivered to an escrow officer. An escrow officer is provided with all the information required in preparation of the escrow instructions and documents.
Our escrow officers will process the escrow according to the instructions and when all the conditions in escrow are fulfilled, it can be closed. As an escrow deals with the particular property and transaction, each escrow will be different in some aspect.

Duties of our escrow officers:

  • Follow the instructions in a timely manner given by the principals and parties to the transaction.
  • Holding the money in an escrow account and making sure that it remains safe there.
  • Handling funds and documents as per the instructions
  • Paying all bills on time
  • Responding to the authorized requests from the principals
  • Closing escrow when all terms and conditions are met
  • Providing a closing and settlement statement

Our escrow services ensure that you rest till completion of the deal, knowing that you are in the hands of consummate title professionals.